Word examples (For, To, As, Like, How, Of, From, Off)

These are some examples for a few words my friend has asked me to give examples for.  (the words are:  For, To, As, Like, How, Of, From, and Off).

For.  “This book is for you.”  “You can trade these coins for the book.”  “For you.  From me.” (used on cards or presents).

To.  “I am going to the store.”  “To (name).  From (name).” (also used on cards and presents.)  “Yesterday I went to the store.”

As.  “As long as you go straight ahead, you will find the store.

Like.  “I like reading.”  “You like to cook.”  “He will like the food.”

How.  “How do you find the store?”  “I like how this car looks.”  “How long will you be studying English?”

Of. “My book is on top of the table.”  “This is a friend of my mothers.”  “My favorite books are of adventures.”

From.  “I am from the US.”  “I just returned home from the library.”  “She called him from her home.”  “From (name).  To (name).” (explained above).

Off.  “Please turn the lights off.”  “You are off your rocker.” ( = you are crazy).  “The boy ran off.”  “You may take a day off if you are sick.” ( = you can stay home from work when you are sick.)


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