Moments Worth Mentioning

While I work on finishing several much lengthier posts, I wanted to share with you some small things in my life from this week.

~ Our 3 year old (y.o.) cousin, L., was going to rest (she stayed at our home for two days).  Her blanky was in the laundry.  Quickly piping up, J. (my 2.5 y.o. brother) said, “You can use my blanky Lexi!”  🙂

~ My 2.5 y.o. sister, V., came downstairs–way past her bedtime.  When she walked into the room grinning, dad asked, “What do you need, V.?”  She announced, “I had a dream!”  (she hoped her answer would save her the punishment she knew she’d get for being out of bed… it didn’t.)

~ My sister, R., selflessly working with L. (our cousin) who had the stomach bug and yet refused to quit eating or drinking.

~ M.’s (another sister) faithfulness in her responsibility of caring for our neighbors dog.

~ The twins decided to damage the butterfly wall stickers I had up in my room.  God used that to remind me that the things of this world are temporal and that I should be thinking about and working towards things above, not earthly things (Colossians 3:2 and Matthew 6:19-21).  My relationship is with my siblings is more important than getting angry over stickers (though, admittedly, I was still a bit upset and asked them not to do it again).

~ I had an enjoyable conversation with the optometrists three lady assistants/receptionists about books (Francine Rivers, Clive Cussler, Twilight, Harry Potter, Janette Oke, etc.) while trying on different glasses for fun. 🙂  Thankfully I still don’t need glasses, though my right eye has a slight stigmatism and is a tad nearsighted.

~ We (my whole family save H. (yet another sister)) went on an excruciating bike ride.  I pulled the twins behind my bike (about 60 lbs (27 kg)).  It was very hard, and I taxed myself.  When we ran into friends on the return trip my energy revived and I had enough strength to finish. 🙂

~ I watched LiveAction‘s newest youtube video and found it VERY disturbing.  It is about the American war on baby girls.

In the upcoming weeks I plan to write about:

 Being Content

Humility and Pride

Share some artwork/drawings I’ve done recently

Part 2 – Abortion – Answering a real person’s comment addressed to me

Thoughts from Romans



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