Short Update (in essence–why I haven’t been posting)

I can’t write much now, mostly because it is so late (almost 11 pm (23:00)).  I wanted to let all of you who aren’t on my Facebook blog page a heads up as to why I haven’t been posting regularly.  There is a reason, and I promise, it is not procrastination (this time). 😀

I am currently attending an eighteen (18) day TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) class.  It has been awesome!!  (I’ve been here since Wednesday evening, July 11th).  Along with the 14 TESOL students, we are partnering with a Taiwan/Chinese(+ Hong Kong) group of foreign exchange students (48 students).  In my room, there are three Taiwan girls.

Basically, we (TESOL students) are learning to teach English, while the foreign students are learning English (and the culture) and having a Christian seminar at the same time.  (and did I mention the musical we are performing??  :))

I’ll try to write a more detailed post later this week or the next.  Suffice to say, I am learning Chinese!!  😀



Map of China and Taiwan


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