And I’m off!!

My sister saying good-bye to me as I head out for Ukraine!! 🙂

My suitcase (it weighs a little over 48 lbs (~22 Kg))

I head to the airport in 1 hour!!!  My luggage weighs about 90 lbs when you add both my carry-on bags and my suitcase.  :p  I think I’ll become a weightlifter after this trip.  😉

I printed out the airport maps and my tickets, I have my passport, I synced and charged my iPod, I packed and weighed my luggage, jacket, and all the gifts I’m taking.  I think that about covers it.

With my last hour here, I’m going to play piano (since I’ll be missing it for the next 9 days), double check my room to be sure I packed everything, and give my siblings and parents final good-bye hugs.

I’ll update you all, when I return!!  (or possibly while I’m there, depending on internet availability, free time, etc.)  Thank you all for your prayers!! 🙂  I really appreciate them, and I know God will grow, teach, and use me on this trip for His glory.


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