It’s *MY* Body—right???

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A few days ago I saw this picture on Facebook and I reposted it on my wall.  A friend of mine also posted it to her wall.  Twenty-eight minutes later a friend of hers commented this:

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Why am I taking time to write a response to this comment on my blog? (I already wrote back on FB and I’ll probably use my friend’s friend’s response in another post). I’m taking quill to paper because this comment represents a commonly held belief on the topic of abortion and I think it can be debunked if we study it in detail.

A woman has full authority over her own body.

The above statement is entirely true in practically all circumstances (exempting suicide—the [US] government does attempt to prevent that.)

Unspoken Assumption:

The preborn is part of the woman’s body.

Before you decide whether you think this Assumption is true or false, let us look at some things we know about the preborn.

*Growth Chart of the Pre-born:

21 Days (3 weeks) ~ Heart begins to beat.

22 Days ~ Beginnings of eyes and ears develop.

28-32 Days (4 weeks) ~ Tiny arms appear.  The budding legs appear 2 days later.  The mouth and tongue begin to appear and the nose is developing.  The preborn face makes its first appearance.  Also, blood begins flowing in the preborn’s veins.

42 Days (6 weeks) ~ Brain divides into three parts (emotion + language, hearing and seeing).  The preborn’s joints start forming.

44 Days ~ Eyelids are forming.  Elbows take shape.  All internal organs are present, but immature.  99% of muscles (each with their own nerve supply) are present.

49 Days (7 weeks) ~ The preborn begins to make spontaneous movements.  He learns (over the next four weeks) how to frown, smile, squint, hiccup, yawn, suck, touch his face, move individual limbs, and stretch.

56 Days (8 weeks) ~ The preborn is the size of a thumb and is well-proportioned.  All organs are present.  The liver makes blood and the kidneys function.  The skull, elbows & knees are forming.  Bone cells are added to the skeleton of arms, legs & spine and the bones begin to harden.  Out of 4,500 adult structures, the preborn has 4,000.

64 Days (9 weeks) ~ The preborn has tripled the number of connections between nerves and muscles.

84 Days (12 weeks) ~ The preborn swallows and responds to skin stimulation.

If this doesn’t make you reconsider, there is more. 🙂
Or maybe you think the baby is part of the mom’s body up through 21 days.  If that was true, abortion through 21 days and the day after pill should be acceptable.

Did you know that from the moment of conception the preborn (even in his one cell form) has his own unique DNA?  From cell 1 (conception) all of the DNA coding needed to form you–your eye color, gender, hair color, fingerprints, and height—was present.  The genetic code inside every cell of the preborn is unique—from his mother and father.

This blows my mind.

DNA is a topic I find super interesting to study.  If you’ve never studied DNA, I highly recommend you check out some **books on it.

If you need one more nail to hammer into the Assumption’s coffin, look no further.  The preborn’s blood type is likely not the same as the mother and the preborn is 50% likely to be the opposite gender of the mother.

Here’s another discrepancy in our society regarding the pre-born.
Don't Drink While Pregnant

Or how about this one:
Don't Drink While Pregnant

Hmm… if the preborn is not a baby, and can be freely disposed off by the mother if she so chooses, why are there laws about these signs being posted in bars and alcohol stores??  Sound like a double standard to you?

Also, did you know that if you go visit the White House for a tour you must fill out a form for everyone going—including any preborn babies!!  I find that case particularly ironic, since President Obama is fine with disposing of [killing] the preborn up to the time of birth.

Then of course there’s also the ***”Unborn Victims of Violence Act” which basically says that anyone who intentionally kills or even attempts to kill a preborn child be punished as though he killed or attempted to kill a human being.”

I’m aware of other arguments such as the dependency one.  However, I will deal with those in another post some date in the future.  For this post, I only wanted to help you understand the major assumption behind a commonly argued reason for abortion—that because a woman has full rights over her body (true) she may choose to abort the preborn developing within her (false—since the preborn is not part of the woman’s body).

If you think there’s a flaw in my case against this assumption, please comment. 🙂  I will address other abortion arguments in future posts.

Until next time!


Note 1: When I referred to the preborn I used the word “him/his”.  I did this to simplify (and shorten) my post so that I would not have to say “him or her/his or hers” every time I mentioned gender.

* Information taken from:
“Life Before Birth,” Life Magazine, April 30, 1965.

Carlson, B., Human Embryology & Developmental Biology, Toronto: Mosby Publication; 3rd Edition, 2004.

Moore, K. and Persaud, T., The Developing Human, Clinically Oriented Embryology, 6th Edition, Philadelphia: W.B. Sanders, 1998.

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Valman, H. and Pearson, J.,”What the foetus feels,” British Medical Journal, January 26, 1980.

**Some helpful layman level material on DNA:
Pearcey, Nancy R. and Thaxton, Charles B., The Soul of Science, Christian Faith and Natural Philosophy, Wheaton: Crossway Books, 1994, pg. 221-248.

Davis, Percival and Kenyon, Dean H., Of Pandas and People, The Central Question of Biological Origins, 3rd Edition, Dallas: Haughton Publishing Company, 1998, pg. 41-67.

***HR 1997 was passed by a Senate role call vote of 61-38, March 25, 2004.

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