NaNoWriMo 2012!!!

NaNoWriMo Banner

I should not need more words than are in the picture above.  But, just in case you have never heard of NaNoWriMo, I will explain it in a little more detail.


It is a program organized every November by a group called The Office of Letters and Light.

Put simply:  you sign up and write a 50,000 (or more) word novel in the month of November.

You’re probably thinking, ‘WHAT!  Are you crazy??!  How can you write a 50K novel and complete all your other obligations? (school, self-defense class, AWANA, and so on and so forth).  Not to mention that I have never heard you write a story before and I thought you only liked writing for your blog.’

Well you’re at least half correct in thinking that.

First off, yes, it is somewhat crazy to sign up to write a fifty thousand word novel in the month of November and keep up with school and everything else I have going on.  What I have discovered, however, (in the first 7 days at least) is that I needed this to give me incentive.  Also, it gives me something useful and physical to do in my spare time.

I used to spend my spare time playing games, watching movies, or doing other equally unproductive activities.  Now I write.

So, although it is a completely mad and insane thing to sign up for, it has actually turned out to be an advantage to me.  I no longer waste my extra time, and at the end of the month I will have something tangible to show for my work—hopefully a draft of my first novel.

You’re second thought—that I don’t even write stories—would also be correct.  I have never written anything story-ish (unless you count the embarrassing fifteen page handwritten story I wrote when I was eight or nine).  To top it off, until this past year (when I discovered blogging and journaling), I really did not enjoy writing.  Everything I wrote was for school and half the time I was not interested in the subjects I was writing about.

Discovering how much fun it could be to write, I have changed my statement from I don’t like writing to I really enjoy writing—especially stories and blog entries.  🙂

Honestly, before this month, I never even thought I would write a book.  Yes, I had a few ideas running through my mind and hiding in the darkest recesses—but I never planned on actually bringing them to life in a book.

If you want to read a very brief synopsis and excerpt from my novel go here: Marissaanne’s Travels (working title).

I added a widget to the left (bottom) side of my blog that will show how many words I have.  There’s also a really neat section (in the link above) that shows the statistics of my writing progress.  (I LOVE statistics… <3)

I think that’s all for now.  I am off to finish two more essay drafts for my college application and write 500 more words of Marissaanne’s life.


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