Sailing in Spanish Waters!!

For my final semester of highschool I joined a Spanish 1 class!!  I was very excited to learn the basics of a ‘new’ language (new to me, that is), and jumped in with both feet.  I soon learned, however, that it was going to require a lot of hard work to catch up to the class (this was their 2nd semester).

Our teacher, Professora Amanda, is an excellent teacher!  She knows fluent Spanish as well as fluent English (her native language), so she is able to explain instructions in English if we don’t understand them in Spanish.  In the four classes we have already had, I have learned all the Spanish present tense nominative pronouns, a vocabulary of at least 40-50 words, and the basic sentence structure.

I also managed to answer “да” in class (Russian for yes), instead of saying “sí”.  Oops!  At my Russian class today, I was asked, “Что это?” (“What’s that?” – pointing at a cat).  I replied, “Это gato.”  (Это = Russian for the/it)(Gato = Spanish for cat).  =)  I was warned that I would mix up languages, but this has still surprised me a bit.

On a different day, we were asked to think of something that would help us remember the Spanish word.  Say, for example, dormir sounds like “dormitory” which is a place where you sleep.  The word “dormir” in Spanish means “to sleep”.  We went on down the list and came to “tuvieron miedo” which means “they had fear/they were afraid.”  I looked at it and called out that ‘vier’ in the middle of ‘tuvieron’ could remind you of the word four, which sounds like fear.  She looked over at me and said, “Yes, if you know German.”  Bam… there I go again, bringing other languages into the Spanish classroom!

Professora Amanda uses a site called Engrade to give out our homework, quizzes, and tests.  It is a really neat website that allows teachers to make their own curriculum, or type up curriculum that has already been created.  I am testing it out to see if I will be able to use it when I teach English.  So far it is looking like a really neat option!

If you are interested in studying Spanish on your own, or would just like to learn a bit about Spanish grammar and words, I highly recommend Señor Jordan’s Spanish Videos.  He has posted a multitude of well made videos which explain all the different parts to the Spanish grammar (in English!).

Each week, we read one chapter in ‘Los Piratas del Caribe y el Triángulo de las Bermudas’ escrito por (written by) Carol Gaab and Christine Tiday.  Click here to read more about it.

And one more thing, before I leave you.  There’s this hilarious youtube video (about 6 minutes long) about Dr. Evil and his Plan (El plan del Dr. Evil).  It is hilarious, and you will learn a couple of Spanish verbs while laughing at it!

¡That is all for now!  I hope my language adventures made you laugh, or at least grin a little. 😉  ¡I look forward to sharing more as I continue this trip!

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