Spring Break in Brown County

For the first time my family went on a spring break trip.  We all packed our bags and boxes and headed out to the Brown County State Park in our fifteen passenger van.

Every family does spring break differently, but for homeschoolers it can be especially odd.  This year I’m taking all of my classes outside of my home, so each class had it’s own ‘class break’ for one week.  But since they weren’t coordinated with each other, I ended up spreading my spring break out over multiple weeks in March and April.  Technically I didn’t really get a break, since I always had at least half of my classes still scheduled.  My family, however, decided to book a cabin for three days this week (Sunday afternoon — Tuesday afternoon).

We arrived, a little car sick, but in good spirits.   Cabin 19 was our new home.  It was made for 6 people, with a 2 bedroom loft, a large living area with 2 sleeper sofas, a kitchen and one bathroom with a shower.  It also had a playground a couple hundred yards away with three swing sets, a wooden fort, a picnic bench and 2 metal slides.

Spring is just arriving so the trees are still bare and the ground is covered with a layer of dead leaves.  A couple small flowers have grown up through the leaves along with some green moss plants and ferns.  I love to draw trees.  It is so much fun to just study all the different ways they grow.  We went on a hike on Monday morning (and believe it or not I took with me my Russian verb book, my notebook, and a vocab list, none of which I even looked at), and I absolutely loved to just walk along gazing at the beautiful nature God created.  🙂  I haven’t enjoyed a walk quite as much before as I did this one.  Maybe because I was listening to music, or perhaps because I was not complaining and just enjoying the outside air, sounds, smells and sights.

One of my favorite activities is to swing.  I love swinging!  I spent over an hour swinging on Sunday (after we had arrived).  We took several family pictures on the wooden fort at the playground.  We even had our family Bible time there. 🙂

I went swinging Monday morning, before I even ate breakfast.  My legs hurt quite a bit, but after I had swung for ten or fifteen minutes it didn’t hurt quite as bad and I was able to enjoy swinging without thinking about the pain in my legs.  I sang through all of the songs I sang in our Anne of Green Gables musical production.  I made it to the middle of ‘Puffy Sleeves’ (1 song before the last one) before anyone else came outside to play.

My favorite part of this vacation is the nearness of the swing set.  At home we don’t have a swing set.  A neighbor has one, but it is small, and you’re always afraid that it will tip over when you go high.  The next closest ones are at a park biking distance away.  After this trip, I think I will bike over there whenever I can when it’s warm outside to swing.

I felt very very exhausted after lunch on Monday, so I went upstairs to rest in the only ‘quiet’ room of the house.  The problem with this cabin is that there is no ‘quiet’ area.  If anyone is making noise everyone else can hear them.  All of the rooms share the same air space, so noise travels easily.  I was happy when everyone went swimming (even though I love to swim), because it was finally quiet enough to rest without having my iPod turned on ‘loud’.  I slept until around 4, and still felt quite exhausted but since I had already slept for around 4 hours, I wanted to do something even if it wasn’t much.

So I headed out to the playground after reading 7 chapters in Judges for my AWANA assignment this week.  I borrowed my sisters camera and took some pictures of the swing set and fort.  And then I turned on my iPod on shuffle and listened to music while I swung for over an hour.

After dinner, Dad, Ben and I sat down on the back picnic table and played UNO.  Having finally gotten over the idea of giving someone a ‘bad’ card (i.e. +2, +4, skip, reverse), I actually have a running chance to win a couple of games.  It kind of turned into a competition between dad and I.  We saved the worst cards for each other, and it was a lot of fun. 🙂  Our neighbors from cabin 13 came over to play, and eventually we had over 9 people playing UNO at once!  It was kind of crazy.

Verla kept saying, ‘UNO!’ whenever she put down her card (she was playing with dad), even though she had many cards left in her other hand.  😀  Dad tried to explain to her that ‘uno’ means one in Spanish, but I’m not sure how much of that she actually caught.  She was too busy trying to beat the boys’ team.  We even played it for a while where you had to say the color of the card and the number in Spanish, but since dad couldn’t even remember that ‘verde’ is green in Spanish, that didn’t last long.

Tomorrow (Tuesday), we plan on packing, going to the nature center, and walking around one of the lakes here before heading home.  For a three day faction, this has to be one of the best I’ve ever had.  I don’t think I’d want to live here long term, but for a couple of days it is perfect. 🙂  I do wish we could take the swing set home with us, though.

I will post some pictures in my next post, after I’ve uploaded and organized them. 🙂


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  1. indytony said,

    April 9, 2013 at 9:18 pm

    I was just in Brown County/Nashville today at the Muddy Boots Café. It’s a great town.

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