(reblogged) No longer the cynic.

I generally do not repost other bloggers’ posts, but I found so much to think about and consider in this post that I decided to break my habit and reblog Cassi Clerget‘s post on cynicism.  I’m focusing on the couple of paragraphs she wrote about cynicism.  I’m not endorsing any of the other sites or groups she wrote about (I know nothing about them).

One word I’ve always used to describe myself is cynical. It usually accompanies other words like passionate, impulsive, romantic, and empathetic. I am nothing if not a random assortment of clashing thoughts and feelings that God somehow brought together in my heart and soul and mind. I love all the pieces of who I am; they make up the woman who is a writer and artist and friend and daughter and partner. If I was to lose just one of those pieces, I wouldn’t be the same.

But my cynicism never seemed to match with the rest of who I was. Something about it didn’t fit; a jagged puzzle piece trying to force itself into a gentle curve. The cynicism painted my world in dark colors, blacking out the good things, refusing to allow me to enjoy them because I couldn’t quite trust them. That is the problem with cynicism:…

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