“Daddy, I’m Pregnant” by a dad named Bill

[I wrote this in my journal on 10/21/11]

I just finished reading the book “Daddy, I’m Pregnant” by a dad named Bill.  I am borrowing this book from a friend.  It really made me think and it also brought me to tears several times.  In this biography, a father tells of his family’s journey through their 14 (who becomes 15) year old daughter’s pregnancy.  He tells of the many struggles, the tough decisions, the joy of repentance, the joy of forgiveness, the ways their family grew together, and the way the Lord worked it all out for good.

So, why did I read this book?  I decided to read it because I wanted to understand the situation–the struggles, the emotion, the thoughts, etc.  I hope I never have to be in a situation like this family was.  If, however, if ever did occur I want to respond as this family did.  By forgiving and loving–and also by seeking the Lord through the tough times (and also through the good times).  Overall, it was a well written book, well worth the few hours it took me to read it.