DIY: Turning Old Valentine’s Cards into Cute Notes

This year I ended up with an extra box of those perforated valentine cards.  I didn’t want to throw them away but I also did not want to hold them until next February!  So, I decided to repurpose them into cute notes. 🙂  Below is a very simple way to turn valentine cards into small notes (the perfect size for CPO (college mail))!

1. Gather some paper (card stock is good), glue (or tape), scissors, and some old valentine cards.



2. Glue (or tape) the cards onto the paper with a little bit of space inbetween each card so that you can cut them out nicely.


3. Cut out the cards and you’re all ready to send your friends some cute notes! (don’t forget to write something nice on the back!)



🙂  I realize this won’t work if the card says “Happy Valentine’s Day” or something similar on the front… but if you have cards like mine this will work great!