Heinous Homophones A – C

Speaking the English language can be quite tough, especially for newer students, but words known as homophones make it especially tough to listen and understand native speakers.  What is a homophone?

A homophone is a group of two or more words,

Having the same pronunciation,


Having different meanings and spellings.

While studying for this post, I found a list of over 2000 homophones!  In this post, I will only share a few select homophones in the A-C section.

Ad – Add   

Ad (noun) – Short for an advertisement.

Add (verb) – A math term, meaning addiction (+).

Adieu – Ado 

Adieu (exclamation/noun) – “Goodbye”

Ado (noun) – Trouble of Difficulty.

Aisle – I’ll – Isle 

Aisle (noun) – A passage between a row of seats or shelves.

I’ll (noun + verb) – Short for “I will”.

Isle (noun) – An island.

Ant – Aunt

Ant (noun) – A small insect.

Aunt (noun) – The sister of your father or mother.

Ate – Eight

Ate (verb) – Past tense of “Eat”.

Eight (cardinal number) – 8.

Band – Banned

Band (noun) – A thin loop of material used to put around something.

Band (verb) – To surround something in the form of a ring.

Band (noun) – A musical group.

Banned (verb) – Being blocked from something.

Beach – Beech

Beach (noun) – A rocky or sandy shore.

Beech (noun) – A large type of tree.

Beat – Beet 

Beat (verb) – To hit/defeat.

Beet (noun) – A type of red vegetable.

Been – Bin 

Been (verb) – Past tense of “Be”.

Bin (noun) – A container for storing a specific type of object.

Bell – Belle

Bell (noun) – A musical instrument that is shaped like a hollow cup.

Belle (noun) – A beautiful girl/woman.

Board – Bored

Board (noun) – A long and thin piece of wood.

Bored (verb) – Having nothing of interest to do.

Brake – Break 

Brake (noun) – The part of a moving vehicle that slows/stops it.

Break (verb) – To destroy or separate.

Buy – By – Bye

Buy (verb) – To obtain something by paying for it.

By (preposition) – Identifying the author/performer.

Bye (exclamation) – Short for “Goodbye”.

Cell – Sell

Cell (noun) – A small room for a prisoner or monk.

Cell (noun) – The smallest unit of an organism.

Sell (verb) – To exchange something for money.

Cense – Cents – Scents – Sense

Cense (verb) – To perfume something.

Cents (noun) – Money worth one hundredth (1/100) of a dollar.

Scents (noun) – A distinctive pleasant smell.

Sense (noun) – A part of the body which notices environmental changes.

Chili – Chilly

Chili (noun) – A small spicy type of vegetable.

Chilly (adjective) – Cold.

Chord – Cord

Chord (noun) – A group of three or more notes sounded together.

Cord (noun) – A flexible string/rope made from several twisted strands.

Close – Clothes

Close (verb) – To cover an opening.

Close (adjective) – A short width/length away.

Close (adverb) – To be very near someone/something.

Clothes (noun) – Items worn to cover the body.

Council – Counsel 

Council (noun) – A group of people formally made up who meet regularly.

Counsel (noun) – Advice.

Counsel (verb) – To give advice.

Creak – Creek

Creak (verb) – To make a harsh, high-pitched sound.

Creak (noun) – A jarring scraping/squeaking sound.

Creek (noun) – A stream/brook, or small part of a river.

Cymbal – Symbol

Cymbal (noun) – Musical instruments that look like plates,

which make ringing/clashing sounds.

Symbol (noun) – A thing that represents or stands for something else.