Grandmothers, Needles, and Guillotines

Finally!  A new post about my life. 😀  I know you’ve all been waiting with baited breath.  😉  Just kidding.  Anywho, here’s an update on my somewhat interesting and eventful life. 🙂

Last week sometime (I can’t remember the exact date anymore), my little sister cut two (2) of her fingers whilst cutting apples.  [Note: my mother did not tell her to cut the apples, she decided to on her own initiative.]  Her fingers are ok, and are healing.  Later that evening, while chasing my little brother out of the kitchen I inadvertently stepped on a needle that was mysteriously sticking up out of our carpet.  My toe did not hurt until later that night, conveniently during my dish clean up job. 😉  My toe is fine, and the needle?  Well… it’s not fine.  We threw it away because it was bent beyond repair.

On Monday at drama class, we practiced our first scene!!!!!!!!  For those of you whom I have not already told… I am in a highschool (homeschool) drama class for the first time in my life.  We are performing a musical based on A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens.  I am “Aristocrat 3” (a.k.a. Aristocrat 1 on all musical scores).  I get a really cool solo verse (in the song “Fourteen Hours”), and I thought that was the best part I’d have.  But no!  Monday afternoon I discovered that I’d get to be in the last scene (of course… everyone is in the last scene too…. 😀 ).  Not only in the last scene, but as a sort of 1/2 main character… ok, make that 1/12th and you’ll be closer to the point.  Basically I get escorted onto the scene by 2 guards along with my fellow aristocrat (#2), the seamstress, and Sydney Carton (pretending to be Lucy’s husband, Charles Darnay).  Most of the other cast members are facing away from the audience blocking the guillotine from view.  We stand in front (the 4 condemned prisoners).  Then, during the song which Sydney Carton sings, we each get dragged off and “killed” (not really, of course!) and the show ends with these lines sung by all the cast: “God holds our destinies, tomorrow we shall finally see!  Tomorrow, we shall finally see!!”  Wow, so much emotion… so yeah, I’m loving drama class and can’t wait ’till the performance in March 2012.

At Awana, my group watched The Board a really good thinking movie about Christianity (approximately 40 minutes long).  I’ve seen it before, but it was still nice to re-watch it.

Today my grandparents came to visit!!  😀  They live several hours away, so we don’t see them as often as I wish.  I love having long talks with Grandma, and eating Grandpa’s blueberry pancakes for breakfast.  Mmmm!  🙂

Tomorrow afternoon three (3) of my siblings will be performing in an orchestra concert.  I’m excited because they will be playing a Russian song, and I’m overly attracted to anything Russian right now.  It should be fun and I know my siblings will do a good job playing their violins and flute.

Sometime soon I will be uploading several posts on books in the New Testament.  Why??  Well, I’ll explain more when I actually put the post up…  until then!  See you!

P.S.  Here are some pictures I took semi-recently.

The blimp

The blimp2

Large poofy cloud

Michigan Trees