Our Morning Adventure

This morning around 9:15 am, my siblings discovered a large (~ the size of a toaster) snapping turtle in the middle of the road.  Right before this happened, my mom received a call from our food co-op that the truck would be brining our food shortly (within the next 10 minutes or so).  We had a dilemma… leave the turtle to be crushed by the truck, or attempt to move it without being bitten.  After the latter idea failed, we decided to instead stand in the road and wave down the truck whenever it arrived.  Thankfully for us (or the turtle ?), the spot where the turtle had decided to set up camp was in the middle of a long stretch of straight road.  The driver saw us, saw the turtle, and drove right over it !!   Although this sounds disastrous, it actually saved the turtle.  He hissed and snapped as the truck’s wheels rolled by on both sides.  Later, after our food order had been dropped off, the driver drove back down the road, got out of his truck, and moved the turtle onto the grass beside the road.

I decided to take some pictures of the turtle (and some neighbors Morning Glory flowers).  This is my first post with pictures… so if it is a little messed up (such as the flowers being in between the turtle pictures), please excuse me.  I will learn how to do them better for next time.


I love the turtle's face when he realizes he is being photographed 😀 (not a happy camper)